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Electrical Repair & Troubleshooting

Electrical issues at home are bound to arise occasionally, underscoring the importance of understanding their root causes and promptly seeking professional assistance to ensure safety.


Experiencing any of these electrical problems? It's advisable to have them inspected by a professional:

  1. Electrical Surges or Dips:

    • Surges: Sudden spikes in power lines can damage electronics and shorten their lifespan. Use surge protectors and consult an electrician if issues persist.

    • Dips: Voltage drops, or brownouts, can dim lights and are often caused by faulty devices consuming excessive power.

  2. Flickering Lights:

    • Poor connections can lead to sparking, overheating, and fire hazards. Have an electrician check for loose or corroded wires.

  3. Frequent Light Bulb Blowouts:

    • Poor connections may cause bulbs to overheat and burn out prematurely.

  4. Warm Outlets or Switches:

    • Overloaded outlets pose fire risks. Distribute devices across multiple outlets and utilize smart extension cords.

  5. Tripping Circuit Breakers:

    • Overloaded circuits from increased electronic usage can lead to frequent tripping. Spread devices across circuits and consult a professional for further evaluation.

  6. Damaged Extension Cords:

    • Protect cords from pets to prevent damage and hazards.

  7. Dead Outlets:

    • Non-functional outlets may indicate underlying wiring issues, necessitating professional attention to prevent potential fire hazards.

  8. Inconsistent Lighting:

    • Variations in brightness may signal a faulty main neutral connection, requiring professional intervention.

  9. Electrical Shocks:

    • Shocks upon contact with devices or switches suggest wiring problems and should be inspected by an electrician immediately.

  10. High Electric Bills:

    • Damaged wires and circuits can contribute to increased electricity consumption. Consult a professional if your bill seems disproportionate to usage, and ensure to unplug unused devices and chargers.

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