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The electrical panel in your home regulates the distribution of power to each area, ensuring proper functioning. If it's outdated, upgrading may be necessary to maintain safety. These crucial components link the main power line to your residence, preventing potential electrical hazards and fire risks.


Although generally dependable, electrical panels can deteriorate with time, manifesting in symptoms like flickering lights or unusual odors. If you're questioning whether an upgrade is needed, consult a professional electrician for an inspection.


It's important to emphasize that upgrading electrical panels is perilous and should be entrusted solely to trained electricians.

The expense of upgrading your electrical panel hinges on the required amperage for your home. Typically, modern residences necessitate a 200-amp service for optimal operation. While the average cost hovers around $1,600, it can vary from $800 to $4,000.


However, don't allow the expense to dissuade you. Safeguarding your home against significant electrical risks justifies the investment. Consider obtaining estimates from reputable electricians in your vicinity to identify the most suitable price point for your budget.

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